CASS Weekly Update 21 – 28 July 2021

As COVID-19 infections and deaths sharply rise in Myanmar, vaccinations have become an urgent priority. Despite various organisations working in different ways toward providing vaccines to the public, cooperation among them remains weak.

CASS Weekly 15 – 20 July 2021

Fighting between the Tatmadaw and the joint force of the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) and the Karenni Army resumed in Kayah State this month, despite a temporary ceasefire agreement between the KNDF and the Tatmadaw.

CASS Weekly Update 8 – 14 July 2021

On 8 July, the Central Committee of the Karen National Union (KNU) decided to temporarily suspend Nerdah Bo Mya — the Chief of Staff of one of its armed wings, the Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) — after an investigation by its Central Committee into the massacre of 25 people near Waw Lay Town in Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.

CASS Weekly Update 1 – 7 July 2021

There has been an increase in violent crimes in Rakhine State in recent weeks, with several abductions and murders in the capital city Sittwe and elsewhere.

CASS Weekly Update 24 – 30 June 2021

An estimated 80 per cent of displaced people have returned to their homes in Mindat Town after the Tatmadaw and the Mindat Chinland Defence Force (CDF) agreed to a temporary ceasefire on 23 June.