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About Us

What is CASS?

CASS is a research and analytical unit that provides contextual and operational analysis in support of humanitarian interventions in Myanmar, with particular emphasis on Rakhine, northern Shan, and Kachin states.

CASS consolidates, distils, and interprets existing knowledge and local perspectives to identify and analyze the factors, systems, and stakeholders impacting the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. CASS’ diverse team of expert analysts come from across the country and speak numerous local languages.

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Our Mission

We provide a clear, ‘joined-up’ understanding of the Myanmar context through a neutral, non-partisan lens. We undertake primary and secondary research and provide high-quality reporting and analysis with a focus on politics, governance, safety, economy, society, and regional and humanitarian/development dynamics.

CASS provides contextual research and analysis as a central component of localised, sustainable, and inclusive programming. We provide implementing agencies with the tools to understand their operating environment, to take a conflict-sensitive and rights-based approach in mitigating risk and adverse impacts, and to engage local actors in implementing programmes that build resilience and reduce vulnerability.

CASS delivers neutral and objective research and analysis, which:

identifies – but does not seek to influence – local stakeholders, relationships, and interests;

analyses broader political, economic, social, and security dynamics and trends

leverages social media, personal networks, and local experts in order to map and translate the local human context

synthesises and studies local data in order to inform both programmatic and strategic decision-making, reduce security and conflict sensitivity risks, and increase the impact of humanitarian, development, stabilisation, peace-building, and peacekeeping initiatives.

CASS operates solely in Myanmar and was established and is managed by COAR Global.

COAR Global is an independent social enterprise that supports the international community to navigate and adapt policy, programmes, and projects to emerging and progressively complex, fragile, and high-risk environments. Based on knowledge of affected populations and a deep understanding of their respective political, economic, social, security, and environmental systems and stakeholders, COAR builds a blueprint for humanitarian, stabilisation, early recovery, social-cohesion, resilience and development-focused interventions.

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